'Make every massage your BEST massage' was the charge given by the instructors of Blue Cliff College in Shreveport, Louisiana. Drilling into their students the fact that they were "HEALERS", Yahriel received her training there and was first licensed in the state of Louisiana in 2007.  Transferring her National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) credentials to Georgia, Yahriel relocated to Atlanta in 2009.

Yahriel has graced the halls of Luxury 5-star hotels, resorts, and Day spas spreading the fire and honing her healing craft. 

Operating as a mobile massage therapist, she has traveled many miles servicing clients in their homes, offices, or place of lodging. From backstage concert venues to the private homes of high-end and celebrity clientele, she has touched with the intention to heal, relax, and soothe tension and pain.

In 2014, Yahriel was first attuned as a Reiki Level I practitioner by Reiki Master/Massage Instructor, Karen Murray of The Reiki Institute of Atlanta.  She was recently attuned by Karen as a Reiki Master in July 2020.  Yahriel will go on to teach her own style of Intergrated Reiki Massage to select bodyworkers in need of CEU's and also blessed with spiritual intuition and giftings that make up a Healing Massage Practioner. Reiki Levels I & II will also be taught for caretaker's like: physical therapists, counselors, EMT's, doctors, pastors, coaches, teachers and various types of workers who deal with people.  Stay tuned for these certification classes as she gets her teaching creditials completed.


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What does Yahriel mean?

Pronounced YAH ree 'el, this name is Hebrew and is the female derivative of the Arch Angel name of Uriel.  Uriel fights with a fiery sword. This name can be translated as "Light of the Lord" or "Heavenly Light".

A message from Yahriel

"Pain is the reason why I do massage today. When I first went off to college, I suffered from debilitating back pain from 1989 until I finally had emergency surgery in 1998.  Freshman year, I was in physical therapy with TRACTION and wearing a TENS machine to relieve the pain of the pinched nerve.  By sophomore year at Morris Brown College, a classmate had to drive me home to Louisiana because my back was so misaligned that I couldn't sit on a plane or bus.  I suffered from a dislocated hip, 2 bulging discs,  1 slipped disc, and a sciatic nerve that was about to break in-half (all due to a chiropractor that adjusted me without an X-ray).

Yet and still........CHIROPRACTIC with Dr. Thomas Johnson of Shreveport, Louisiana and daily MASSAGE THERAPY is what helped me to walk again.  The right people with the right INTENTION worked for me!

I don't claim to be a miracle worker, yet HEALING is a broad term and subjective to one's own needs.  With the right amount of faith, wellness practices, and the skilled touch of  a licensed professional, nothing is impossible.

In over a decade, I've seen clients relieved of pain, improve range of motion, and find balance, breakthrough, and relief in my sessions.  Stop putting your wellness off and make a decision to TAKE CARE OF YOU......You're the only YOU that they have, so be kind to yourself with frequent massage therapy."