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I don't know what I was crying for, but I started crying. Well, I do know why I was crying....but she said something so funny that I started crying all over again...this time I was laughing. I think she said it's called an "emotional release". I'll just say, I can't explain that Reiki stuff, but I trusted her with it and worked through some visuals of the purple waterfalls and stuff and all I can say is, I left there with a lot more peace than I've felt in years. I was dealing with some heavy grief...and well....Thanks, Yah. FRFR #YouRock

Samantha Yellerz - Decatur, Emory Grad Student

I really don't wanna tell how good she is, because I wanna keep her to myself. So, forget you ever read this. She's the worst!!! LOL Love ya, Hippie Lady (I mean Taronda) lol #IGotJokes

D.C., TV Producer

I hate that I moved away from Atlanta. Yahriel was my personal massage therapist for years. Love you, Taronda! xxoo

Rhonda Brown-Buckman - Florida, Nurse Practitioner

I like the way she's spiritual, but knows how to turn all that off, if you just want to lay there and sleep. I LOVE THAT. I don't have to say anything, it's like she senses my mood.OK...I'll just be honest. I'm moody and she puts up with me. THERE! I owned it. LOL The best massage therapist in Atlanta as far as I'm concerned

K. P. , Event Coordinator

Yahriel is everything I was looking for in a new massage therapist. My previous one passed away and I'd gone years without a therapist, but I finally found someone who cares about what she's doing. It's not just another oil-moisturizing session like you get at those cheap $50 places. Yahriel is worth every dollar and then some....ijs.

"You're a Healer.....aren't you?"

M.C. , 5-time Grammy Award Entertainer


Let me tell you, I was having a migraine that lasted for a week. I reached out to Yahriel and scheduled a massage and it was beyond amazing!!!! Yahriel traveled miles to my home and she delivered as if I’d driven to her. Her technique is impeccable and she educated me during the process. My sinuses were flowing and my headache vanished after it was done.

I HIGHLY recommend her and I have recommended her to others. She’s the truth and worth every dime spent on her services!!!!!

Angela W

"This woman is a HEALER"

Rachelle Ferrell - Atlanta Airport- Xpress Spa, Jazz Entertainer

For over 4 years, Yahriel has provided prompt and dependable mobile massage to my home. I can call her at the last minute and she's there if she's available. I travel a lot and no matter where I go, it never measures up to Yahriel's Hands or attention to detail. She's like your "play-cousin". We laugh and share, then as usual...I start snoring and have the nerve to wake up 30 minutes later trying to pick up on the conversation....(really.....I'm just trying to get more time in by talking lol). Yahriel's Hands of Fire is what you want!

Nichelle Graves - Atlanta, Auditor

"They talkin' bout you all the way in California. I heard about you at a BBQ Pool Party. I was like, I gotta check her out when I get back to the A."

T. W. , 5x-Grammy-Award winning Entertainer

"She's the only massage therapist that I'll let touch me! Yahriel is the TRUTH!"

Broderick McBride - Atlanta, Minister (Morehouse/Emory Grad)

My son introduced me to Yahriel's Hands. Prior to, I would always have male therapists, only. She gives AMAZING pressure. This girl knows what she's doing. Very knowledgeable about the health and different muscle issues. I learn from her everytime. Very intuitive.

Sandra McBride - Douglasville, Registered Nurse

I've been all over the world traveling frequently and getting massages at some of the most elite places.....but Yahriel has to be one of the BEST massages I've ever experienced. Real talk. She comes when I call and I trust her to set-up in my pool house (which I leave open just for her). She brings the WHOLE KITCHEN SINK, Ice, salt stones, hot towels, special little creams that she makes. The girl is dynamite!! Those hands are skilled and magical. Hey! I want credit for coaching you on some of those neck techniques! Make sure you put that part in my comments, Yahrie! lol

-Daisy W.- Alpharetta, Chiropractor

Soothing, relaxing and professional. Every session has been a joy and I always leave feeling refreshed. Very accommodating also!

Stefanie A. Hughes,

Marriage, Sex, & Family Therapist