What Is Reiki?

What is Reiki?

Yahriel is Usui Reiki Master Practitioner [attuned by Reiki Master/Massage Instructor, Karen Murray of The Reiki Institute of Atlanta].  Reiki falls under the category of BODYWORK in the form of Energy Work. Commonly, Reiki is performed by the practitioner waving hands over the client without touching the body. However, Yahriel has developed a signature style of Reiki that is INFUSED into the massage session. Through spiritual intuition, Yahriel is able to tune into the muscle and administer Reiki to the client based on the discussed focus of each session.  Clients have experienced emotional, spiritual breakthroughs, that are typically received through addressing metaphysical blockages.  For example, a person who is going through a divorce, grief, loss of any kind, or traumatic incidents, might be experiencing a Metaphysical Block in the Heart Chakra.  This Heart Chakra area would be from top of shoulders, down to mid-back and all the way down to the arms and fingers. In laymen's terms, this Metaphysical block could be manifesting in Panic Attacks, Carpal Tunnel, Heart Disease diagnosis, or just an awkward pain anywhere in the Heart Chakra area in the back.  After Reiki is administered, the sub-conscious is opened and in a session with Yahriel, the client is guided through sensitive emotional blockage with visuals, breathing, and acceptance of life. Following the comfort and understanding of each individual, the session is geared towards the releasing of the issue or mindset. Through affirmations, pronouncement, denouncement, or maybe even prayer (if this is what the client is accustomed to)........a wonderful state of release or euphoria is achieved.

Due to the sensitive matter of energy work, I seek to explain as much as possible. Yet and still.....spirituality is experienced; moreso than understood. It is what it is. Reiki is NOT RELIGION. Reiki is not DEMONIC. Reiki is not WITCHCRAFT or MIND CONTROL.

Yahriel works under the auspices of Holy Spirit/White Light and offers a safe space to heal from trauma and dis-ease/dis-comfort for the GREATER GOOD of ALL HUMANS.


When Fear and Religious Dogma is left at the door, and the body is open to receive Spiritual Help, then Reiki is effective.

Yahriel often refers to basic Chakra information (which can be Googled or Researched) and often refers to the Metaphysical revelations of thr late great Louise Hay, founder of Hay House Publishing & author of the book You Can Heal Your Life (2017edtion, Hay House)

Listen to Reiki Testimonies from Yahriel's Hands of Fire Clients:

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