Paraffin Hot Wax Treatment

An Upgrade Service that is perfect for SParties!

Foot Treatment to remove the Fire    

Paraffin wax is used in hospitals on severe burn victims and arthritis patients. It has the nature to regenerate cells and tissue while also alleviating excruciating pain.  The entire body can be treated through the feet. When the feet are placed in a warm bag of paraffin, it is a little piece o' Heaven. By treating the feet, the entire body is also soothed inside and out. As the wax cools, it hugs the feet in a cast that comes off quite easily after it fully solidifies into a waxen state.  Instantly upon removal of a paraffin treatment, clients feel the difference (especially if there was great pain before). Skilled foot massage is the perfect marriage to the paraffin foot tx.  This svc is ideal for large SParties because people can gather in one room and converse or have a meeting or book club that's upgraded with a professional massage therapist.

Thanksgiving 2018 Impromptu Sparty w/ My Aunt Boo

HILARIOUS...She's gonna kill me for this! This is my BELOVED Aunt Boo Baby who RAISED me (along with my mom and the rest of the Jenkins Village), I just happened to travel home with my table and stuff, and after Thanksgiving dinner, I pulled out the wax and oil and things and somewhere between the paraffin and "itis"....she checked out LOL LOL LOL.

.....If I come up missing......this is WHY! 

Peppermint Aromatherapy makes for a great "smelling sauce".  SParty's are fun and a great social time to chat with family or friends........or maybe Thanksgiving 2018 with my wonderful Aunt Boo Baby (The Queen of Pound Cakes and 'EVERYTHING')

Healing Hands

Carpenters, Texters, musicians, barbers, massage therapists, and all others whose hands work hard to support them, should experience a Paraffin Hand Tx. The same bag of warm liquid is placed on the hands to address carpal tunnel or hand fatigue, It really teally works. When placed in a bag, the warm wax stretches up forearm and addresses those muscles that allow you to grip. This too, works perfectly for a SParty service with others.

Paraffin for areas of Pain or Injury

Using the mini disposable brush, paraffin can be brushed onto the back, neck, shoulders, or other painful areas (typically an Upgrade with the Integrative Massage 2.5 hr session if requested).  When adding paraffin to impromptu mobile calls, wax may not be available.