Ear Candling

Whenever you clean your ear with a Qtip, you run the risk of damaging your hearing. 

Ear candling is an ancient Indian practice that works to clear the inner ear of debris, bacteria, and wax.

Yahriel's ear candles will be made of either paraffin or beeswax (depending on what's in stock).  

Safe precautions are made to insure the client is safe by using a paper-plate. The ear candle is placed within a small hole in a paper plate that covers a large portion of the face, neck, hair, etc.

Laying on their side, The client holds the ear candle in place and deep into the ear to his/her own comfort.  

 Yahriel lights the fire at the upper end of the ear candle. And monitors the flame by cutting it safely as it burns down.  

Each ear candle takes about 15min to burn down. At the end, the remaining candle is unraveled to reveal Wax and debris and in some cases ....even insects have been snuffed out..EEEWWWW... lol

THE EAR CANDLE DOES NOT DRIP. Ear candles burn with the consistency of burning parchment paper. THERE IS NOT A DRIP. However the candle needs to be cut and monitored by a technician. 

A soothing and calming add-on treatment, that is perfect for clearing the ear and throat passages.  Try ear candling if your throat feels scratchy, or right after a bout with sinus, bronchial, or any upper respiratory cold issue. You'll notice the difference after one side is done; you'll eagerly desire the second ear to be cleansed, too. 

DISCLAIMER: People who have chronic ear issues and very tiny openings in their ears may not experience the same success as most others.

40 min Session.......................  $40

Ear Candling is an upgrade tx that can be an add-on to any svc @ a discount 

Clear your sinuses and sore throat with Ear Candling